Bredella direkt am Bahnhof Nord in Pratteln Mitte

Key uses

Living and working by the railway station

The new square Bahnhofplatz Nord, with its bus terminal, is to become an interchange point from rail to bus transport. The upgrading and conversion of the pedestrian underpass improves access to the platforms and connects the two Bahnhofplatz squares.

The three buildings by the railway station form a striking silhouette along the tracks. While the ground floor is reserved for public-oriented uses, the basement floors can be used for offices, health and wellness services, or educational institutions. The upper floors are suitable for practical long-term or temporary accommodation, right by the railway station. Alternatively, it would be conceivable to use these for offices too.

The residential zones

The flats in the actual residential zones mostly have a two-sided orientation. They have a relationship with the street, alley or square on one side and with the green interior courtyard on the other. This results in bright rooms and adequate noise protection. Variety-rich views of different open spaces are provided. The distances to the neighbouring buildings are considerable, so no feeling of constriction can arise.

The individual construction zones each have a direct relationship with one of the three neighbourhood squares. The extra-high ground floors along the promenades and neighbourhood squares provide space for uses such as a day-care centre, a neighbourhood café, personal service providers or other small commercial units. All kinds of social contact are enabled, but not imposed. Anyone seeking peace and withdrawal can find it, not just within their own four walls, but also in the courtyards' outdoor spaces.

The multifunctional centrepiece

In the middle of the urban neighbourhood, two industrial halls from the early 20th century are to be converted and preserved, so that they carry the history of the site into the future as witnesses of times gone by. They will be supplemented by new structures, giving rise to a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new. This centrepiece borders the surrounding neighbourhood squares where very different uses meet, thus forming a fascinating urban space.

The western hall is to be supplemented by a new hotel building. The eastern hall can be subdivided flexibly, due to its structure and proportions. Studios, shops, a kindergarten or small workshops could be accommodated in the individual sections. Between the halls, a courtyard shall emerge, as well as two new buildings for housing and (if there is a corresponding demand) public-oriented uses.