ca. 2035

Uses and user

It is not the aim of the Bredella project to realise another purely functional, thoroughly optimised residential neighbourhood. Instead, it is to be seen as a new mixed-use district in central Pratteln, with variegated diverse construction.

There is to be room here for housing, as well as for commercial uses, and room for the old, as well as the new. What is to emerge here is a new way of handling space at easily accessible locations in urban conurbations, in line with the spirit of the times.


The transformation of this industrial area into a modern Pratteln district is to redefine the town. It shall come to symbolise a new understanding of living and working in the Basel region, as well as the reclamation of privatised industrial sites by (and for) large sections of the population and modern service providers.

Here, modern-thinking people of all ages and in all conceivable types of household shall get the opportunity to live in a unique living space, in an environment with multifunctional uses, at a central point of departure right by the railway station and near the motorway. What is to be built here shall not be just another large-scale development, but a one-of-a-kind place to live and work. A space for people who wish to settle down in the Basel metropolitan area, quite near the city, but are also looking for something special: not just a great flat, but also an attractive living environment that breaks away from convention. It is to be the optimal option for people who seek the genuine and the authentic in the Basel agglomeration, but nevertheless do not want to miss out on having a central point of departure for activities of all kinds. In short, maximum quality of life at a reasonable price.

Commercial uses

With regard to the commercially utilisable spaces, the focus is on smaller and medium-sized service providers and businesses. Here, they are given the opportunity to present themselves optimally, in a neighbourhood with an attractive working environment at an easily accessible location, right by the railway station and near the motorway. Bredella can be reached with ease and without stress, from the city, from the east of Basel Country and from Aargau.

In general, it is to appeal to businesses in all sectors and domains, be they private, public or state-owned. The only companies to be excluded are those producing emissions that would disturb residents (noise, odours, light and inappropriate visual elements), generating excessive motor traffic (noise, safety and bother) or conducting activities unsuitable for residential areas.


The various uses are not rigidly defined. Much is left open, shall remain open and can change over time. Even if there are clear ideas about the distribution of uses at present, it shall remain possible to alter or reposition uses. The new district shall also be able to meet future requirements, thus remaining lively and adaptable.