A new Foodtruck Space in the making

Have you already discovered the new Foodtruck space directly at the northern end of Pratteln Bahnhof? We are currently working on making the Area transformation plans visible. There will be a lot to discover in the near future. The new Bredella city district, centered in the heart of Pratteln draws in modern thinking people. 

It is here where big companies and retailers can settle next to culinary businesses or residential studios. Those who are interested in innovation and sustainability should be the ones that shape this lively place. Todays industrial park, which lies right next to the train station will become a central turntable for Pratteln with its spacious train and bus terminals.

Already a meeting place

Till then we will provide space for mobile Foodtrucks. They represent the future culinary businesses. We want to already mark the place as a meeting point for people who search for realness and authenticity in a central space.

You want to place your Foodtruck here as well? Then please contact us right here ยป  and tell us, which culinary offer you have in store. We want to offer to the surrounding companies as much variety as possible. We are available for other ideas and inputs regarding the transformation of the area.