A grey industrial area turns green

Following the first step - the urban development concept by Burckhardt + Partner and Fontana Landschaftsarchitektur - the client and developer have now carried out two selection procedures for the first two construction areas. The procedures also made it possible to check how well the submitted neighbourhood plan had proved itself. According to project manager Ariel Arthur Dunkel of HRS, the results show that only minor adjustments are necessary. The strategy of the master plan with block edges and quiet inner courtyards is evident in both projects. In one project, the interesting roof promenade connecting the three independent buildings near Bahnhofplatz is convincing. The types of flats also appear to be varied - they range from "living through" to "town houses" to two-storey "maisonettes" or "studios". The access via the outside space is innovative and the roof landscape as a common room for the residents is appealing in every respect. The second project aims to characterise the exterior space with many gravel and crushed stone areas as well as a two-stage planting system that responds to the climate crisis. The independent interpretation of the alluvial plain in the Upper Rhine is convincing. Particularly striking is the monumentality, which manages to give Pratteln at the roundabout on Salinenstrasse/Hohenrainstrasse a new face. The selection process has succeeded in making the master plan with contemporary housing construction and public and audience-oriented uses at city level more detailed. The projects on hand are projects that integrate into the urban development and show a wide variety of housing types. A good mix and a high quality of stay for residents is guaranteed. We can be pleased that today's grey industrial area will in future become a green piece of the city worth living in.