Alleys as the route network's smallest unit

The site is subdivided by a fine-meshed route network for non-motorised traffic, whereby the alleys are seen as public thoroughfares.

Their design characterises them as peaceful meeting places for the neighbouring buildings. The basic principle is simple: Between the green central strip with grass and trees, and the areas for plants in front of the facades, there are access paths for the buildings. The central strip can be used in many ways (as an area in which to play, relax, exercise or meet) and is also suitable for use by fire engines. The areas with indigenous shrubs and grasses in front of the facades have an atmospheric effect. On the one hand, they act as a privacy screen for the ground floors and, on the other hand, they aid rainwater retention and improve the urban microclimate.

The definitive design of the outdoor spaces is coordinated with the respective adjacent construction projects in the individual construction zones and their uses on the ground floor.