Steps to be taken now

Over the course of the remaining process, the definitive Bredella planning application will go through the procedure required in such cases. In addition to the aforementioned infrastructure contract, this involves making the project plan available for public inspection, and finally the decision-making on the part of the municipality and canton.

Once the neighbourhood plans are approved, this paves the way for specific planning. The individual construction zones can then be planned. This occurs by means of normal building applications, compiled on the basis of the neighbourhood plans, rather than the general building regulations. These building applications, like all others, must be submitted to the permit-granting authority and go through the usual process before construction can begin.

Much can happen before then: New findings and/or regulations may lead to and/or necessitate new solutions (e.g. regarding sustainability), new requirements may demand new offers (e.g. regarding forms of accommodation) or economic development may lead to changes in the project (e.g. requiring a faster or slower pace than currently assumed). The neighbourhood plans are to be kept flexible enough to make all of this possible as well.

Thus, the project for the planning and construction of a district in central Pratteln that represents an enrichment and source of pride for Pratteln, has only just begun and will keep us busy for quite some time to come. In this context, critical questions, constructive suggestions and information of any kind can be very helpful.