Buss Areal – vom Industriestandort zum Stadtraum
Easily accessible in the greater Basel area
ca. 2035

A new district at Pratteln railway station

Switzerland is growing. This is affecting the large urban conurbations in particular. Around 20 000 new jobs are to be created by the year 2035 in Basel City alone.

This development is not failing to leave its mark on Pratteln. Here, the number of employed persons has risen by around 2500 in the last 10 years and the population has grown by around 1500. This entails a demand for additional housing, along with workplaces and all kinds of infrastructure. All of this needs space.

The requirements to be met when providing this space are no longer what they were: The focus is no longer on the idyllic location surrounded by greenery, but on optimal provision of access via all modes of transport. It is no longer about the view, but about quick reachability, as well as inward densification, so as to counteract Switzerland's urban sprawl. The site formerly occupied by the firms Buss AG and Rohrbogen AG on the north side of Pratteln railway station is an ideal place to create new, modern and attractive living space.

Neighbourhood plans, currently being developed in close cooperation with the municipal and cantonal authorities, are to govern the nature of the conversion of the two plots. In these neighbourhood plans, the building regulations for the site are being redefined. They will include rules on uses, buildings, paths, squares and open spaces, as well as a plan for their spatial positioning.     


The site, currently used for industrial purposes, is to be gradually transformed into a new district. On the one hand, this prevents excess supply. On the other hand, it enables a transformation process that the business operators currently based on the site can cope with.     


Firstly, the western Rohrbogen AG plot is to be converted. This means that a fully functional neighbourhood with three construction zones and a high-rise up front by the tracks already emerge in the first step.     


There is to be room here for housing, as well as for commercial uses, and room for the old, as well as the new. What is to emerge here is a new way of handling space at easily accessible locations in urban conurbations, in line with the spirit of the times.

Next steps
Next steps

Once the neighbourhood plans are approved, this paves the way for specific planning. The individual construction zones can then be planned. This occurs by means of normal building applications, compiled on the basis of the neighbourhood plans, rather than the general building regulations.     

Bredella – Kreisel Hohenrainstrasse/Salinenstrasse in Pratteln

At the entrance of Pratteln

The Bredella neighbourhood planning encompasses the connected plots formerly occupied by Buss AG and Rohrbogen AG.

The site is bordered by the streets Hohenrainstrasse to the north and Gallenweg to the east, the railway line to the south, and the streets Wasenstrasse and Salinenstrasse to the west.

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